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What type of products and services do you provide?

We are at the cutting edge of our industry. Systems have been put in place to ensure cost effective solutions for all your printing requirements can be provided. Here is a selection of the services we offer:

  • Design services like book cover design or art work/professional design.
  • Printing services like project printing and offset printing.
  • Other services like Color / Black Digital Xerox (A4 - A0), A4 - A0 Scanning
Why are you different from other graphic designing firms?

We are offering our highly professional services at very low costs with complete customer's satisfaction. Our main focus is to satisfy our customer so we offer unlimited revisions in order to satisfy our customer's according to their needs and demands. In addition here at Printonix we offer free graphic designing consultancy where our marketing experts will guide you according to your needs and demands in the reference to their marketing knowledge and expertise.

Why do you offer a print service?

Our customers demand it. We offer a full turnkey solution, from design and artwork to print and distribution of the final product. We are expert in all these processes and can provide a true end to end solution where the design and artwork we create is optimized for the print suppliers we intend to use.

Do you offer volume discounts?

Yes, we definitely consider discounts based on large volume printing.

If I want something to be modified, added, or corrected in my print work. Will you allow me to do so?

We surely cannot change your original print work unless you decide it to become one of the design jobs. We offer indigenous graphic design at very competitive prices and are always happy to take the burden off a customer who's not a professional designer. Once a job becomes a "design job", it must be viewed and approved by the customer before it is sent to printing purpose.

What is the maximum print size I can get from these photos?

You can print these photos in size up to A3 size on a printing machine WITH HIGHEST QUALITY. Going a little bit out of limits, we can achieve very good quality on printers with the size you prefer. We do not recommend you to do so if you are not familiar with photo manipulation and pre press rules.

What graphic software are you working with?

We are running Adobe Design Collection under Windows XP. Adobe Design Collection includes the latest versions of Photoshop (CS4), Illustrator, InDesign and Acrobat.

What are your preferred output file formats in design sector?

We are ready to work with most of the file formats available in town - PDF, TIFF, PSD, EPS, and JPG. We will surely stay vigilant and will deliver your work in the format you prefer or the priority of your project requires.

We have a number PC's in the office; surely I can do all my own design work in Microsoft Word or Microsoft Publisher?

It is often counter productive to attempt to design your own required literature, website etc. A good graphic design agency will have professional experienced personnel that will think beyond the job in hand and offer an objective view on the project. Printonix strives to develop a concept for every job, not just produce something graphically interesting. Microsoft Word and Publisher are also not always user-friendly for printers; we ensure every file created is of high resolution and when printed never stops at astounding you.

What if I don't like what you design?

This is rare. Sometimes we hit the target the very first time, sometimes it can take a number of discussions and design submissions before you are happy with the concept. Ultimately we always ensure that you walk away satisfied and we feel comfortable that we have put out a job to our finest standards within the limits of the time and budget allocated.

Are the colors I see on the screen going to be what I see when it's printed?

The color that you see on a computer screen is called "additive color" and has a different set of properties from "subtractive color", which is the color that applies to your printed jobs. Additive color is produced directly from a light source that is the monitor/screen. Subtractive color comes from light that is reflected off of an object from a light source. Thus technically speaking the difference will still be there but you won't have a chance to distinguish between the two because of our high quality printing standards.

So, the short answer is no. However, we assure you that our highly experienced team and state-of-the-art equipment will produce your job in the best quality possible. Rest assured that the photos we offer are of super-class quality and will contain full dynamic range, excellent sharpness and perfect color balance.

How many changes can I make to my chosen design?

We are happy to make as many changes as needed to ensure your works are perfect. We won't start production until your final "ok" is given, and you are responsible for proofing all pieces for errors. Errors found after your "ok" may result in additional printing fees.

I am starting a company and I need a large number of plastic identity cards. Do you print them in wholesale and if new employees join my organization will you be able to reproduce my work in small quantities? We surely can deal efficiently with a large volume of work but considering your second question we have a minimum limit for our printing process. If you ask us to reproduce your work each time an employee joins your organization it might not be a justified option so you can recruit in numbers or please contact a Customer Service Representative for more information and unique situations.

Do I have to get all the same size?

Of course not! You can order multiple sizes! They can even all be on the same order, which gets you a better price, as long as we can print the same size design on all of them.

Can I leave my photos as RGB files, or do I need to convert them to CMYK before I send them?

Yes, we request that you send us your RGB files and our Art Department will convert them to CMYK color space.

Can I order reprints of a previous order?

Surely you can! Just keep the previous order number handy and we will be more than happy to reprint your previous order.

What should i think when design a new logo?

Before designing a new logo determine which type would suit your business. Illustrative logo, graphic logo or a font-based logo are some of the different options available. We at Printonix can advise you of the limitations included and possible solutions to these.

How many revisions are allowed with my logo design?

We provide unlimited revisions in your logo design as we believe in that the customer is king. So we will continue to revise your project until you are satisfied. We have talented and professional graphic designers who have a huge amount of experience and marketing knowledge in order to design your project according to your needs.

What are the fundamentals in brochure designing?

There are a number of things you need to consider before considering brochure designing. What does Your Corporation want this brochure to do? Whether it is a marketing brochure or it is the brochure to introduce some new product. Your firm may have a number of reasons for designing a brochure. Organize your needs in an descending order prioritizing those you value more above others that you consider less significant. So keep all these things in mind and try to give your brochure a full professional look with excellent contents.

What strategies are involved when you design a brochure?

There are several; factors involved when you design a brochure. First of all Brochure content should be written in relation to the purpose of the brochure. Secondly choose the Brochure Format according to size of your content. Thirdly choose proper images which are able to define your goal for which your brochure is. Then there is very important step involving Design of brochure. This step is important because it is things which grab customer's attention and compel customer to Act or respond.

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